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Welcome to the online home of sleeping tablets in Germany. A recent study concluded that 1.9 million German citizens regularly use them to help treat their insomnia, a condition which affects 34 million people in Germany alone. The same study also highlights that this figure is an increase of 60% over the last 10 years, which is staggering and thought to be related to the increased use of technology.

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Sleeping tablets are always to be used as a short term treatment option, however, using them has been proven to help people restore their circadian rhythm. Some people try herbal remedies and holistic practices to help them sleep but these have not been clinically proven to work as well as prescription medications. Some medications are actually available without the need for a prescription from online pharmacies.

Pharmacies on the internet have become very common in recent times, offering a service where people can buy sleeping tablets, anti anxiety medication, nootropics for anxiety, and painkiller pills with delivery to the houses of their customers. Online pharmacies offer a hassle free alternative, as they can send their products straight to the house of their customer, without needing to see a doctors prescription before orders are processed.

Who Uses Sleeping Tablets?

People who suffer from insomnia, which is a very dynamic condition caused by many different things, use sleeping tablets or painkiller tablets to help them sleep through the night. Normally, this is so they can feel fresh during the day and perform well in their jobs or in their daily tasks without feeling sluggish. Insomnia has 3 main categories which are distinctly related to the timescale a person has been having problems sleeping.

These categories are;

  • Transient Insomnia: 1 month or less
  • Acute Insomnia: 1 - 6 months
  • Chronic Insomnia: Over 6 months

Finding the cause of insomnia is important in treating the condition, as sleeping tablets and painkiller tablets can help but may not tackle the underlying causes. Sometimes, the cause of insomnia can be related to anxiety, and other times the cause of anxiety can be insomnia.

Anxiety can be caused by poor work performance and an inability to function in daily life, resulting in a lot of pressure coming from different angles. On the other hand, people can suffer from insomnia due to them being anxious about something that is happening in their life. Whatever the causes, those who buy sleeping tablets or painkiller tablets can treat both their anxiety and insomnia with one medication. These tablets inherently act as anti anxiety medication.

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The Way Sleeping Tablets Work?

Sleeping pills work in a way that slows down communication in the central nervous system. If you imagine the body being a number of networks which include the circulatory system, the respiratory system and the nervous system. Each of these have its own individual responsibilities. The nervous system is responsible for seeing, thinking and moving, among other things.

As sleeping tablets are depressors of the central nervous system, they slow down the way it works, causing slower reaction times or movement, much steadier thought and, in some cases, slower breathing. The reduction in thought is how sleeping tablets help people to fall asleep much quicker, relaxing the mind to a point where falling asleep is easily achieved without any problems.

This is also why people buy sleeping pills and nootropics for anxiety to help them with their condition. In fact, most prescription medications used for insomnia work almost the same as anti anxiety medication which are used for treating anxiety, as they were developed to be a replacement for them. Both types of medications are known as GABA receptor agonists, which cause the GABA receptors to be more sensitive to the inhibitory neurotransmitter.

Sleeping Pills Usage Instructions

When treating insomnia with sleeping tablets, people should only take their medications once per day, directly before bed. It is important to make sure that one is ready for bed before taking their dosage, by locking their doors and making sure their sleep environment is comfortable and dimly lit. On top of this, it is important to make sure the room is not too hot or cold, as temperature can cause problems with quality of slumber.

Dosage amounts of sleeping pills differ between individual medications; therefore, it is very important that people make sure they read the instructions of the medication they intend to use in their treatment. Visiting a doctor would also be advised in this situation, as discussing symptoms and the desired outcome of treatment can help them to suggest the best course of action.

Other methods that people can use to naturally boost the quality of their sleep are avoiding caffeine, alcohol and electronic devices late in the evening. Also, if people do buy anti anxiety pills or painkiller medication as part of their treatments, they should also try and use holistic practices like meditation when they are in bed, as this can help to empty the mind and improve sleep onset time.

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The Sleeping Tablets Side Effects?

Just like any other medication available from any chemist or dispensary, these medications have side effects to acknowledge. When people take the responsibility to speak to a doctor or investigate the medication they are intending to use, they can gain knowledge which can help them to minimize the risks of side effects or completely avoid them altogether. Some of the side effects people experience on sleeping tablets are;

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Daytime tiredness
  • Upset stomach

Even though these are some of the most experienced side effects of sleeping tablets people still rarely experience them. When patients stick to the recommended dosages outlined in the instructions or the advice given to them by medical professionals, there is a likelihood that they will not be experienced at all.

Another thing people can do to minimize the severity of side effects from over the counter sleeping pills, painkiller medication, or anti anxiety pills is to make sure they drink enough water. Of course, drinking too much water before bed is not a good idea but keeping a glass close by is recommended in this situation. It is very important that people read the side effects of the individual medication they intend to use, fortunately, we have patient information leaflets available online.

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Are Sleeping Pills Safe?

Yes, when sleeping tablets, anti anxiety pills, and painkiller medication are approved for specific uses, they are completely safe to use for treating those conditions. This is due to the extensive trialling and testing done by the FDA and the medication manufacturers. A lot of the time, people are misinformed about generic medications, thinking they are not as effective as their brand name counterparts. This is completely incorrect, as they are exactly the same.

The Office of Generic Drugs (OGD) make sure that generic manufacturers make their products to the same high standards as the original medications. This is of great importance, especially when it comes to medications like these. The Office of Generic Drugs makes sure that the medications are of the same quality, safety and dosage form as the original medication it is modelled after.

Even though it is completely safe for most people to buy sleeping tablets, there are people who should be careful and discuss their intended use with their doctor. Those who are of age and people who have a history of kidney and liver issues must be careful when they take any medication. The effects of these medications can be much more potent and they might need to take reduced amounts or alternative medications.

Sleeping Tablets Online Reviews

Reviews are a very important part of any ecommerce website. Our website is designed for people who have used over the counter sleeping pills and other pharmaceuticals to successfully treat their condition on their own terms. We write blogs and articles like this one to help individuals who are unfamiliar with them. Reviews are first-person accounts submitted by previous users below the page for each specific product we sell.

Reviews, which are typically written by others who have similar problems, may provide customers with another viewpoint that they can relate to. Self-diagnosis from reviews may even enable people to decide on the best course of action for their conditions. As there are many different sleeping tablets to choose from, people can choose the best one that can treat their symptoms based on information left by others.

If you do buy sleeping pills, anti anxiety pills, or painkiller pills from our website, we urge you to leave a review about your experience using them, including how well the medication managed your symptoms and how well they were received in the post. We can understand which items our customers favour while also assisting others. Additionally, we would want to hear from you about the services we offer, such as our private delivery and our discounts for large orders.

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Restore Sleep with Sleeping Tablets

People who buy sleeping tablets should create a treatment plan to help them prepare for their therapy. Researching the specific medicine is always advised before beginning therapy since different medication for anxiety have suggested treatment periods that should never be exceeded. The best course of action would be to speak with a physician who can provide guidance and develop a treatment plan in collaboration with a patient.

Depending on the medication being used, treatment plans often start with lower dosages and gradually increase them over the course of about a week. Treatment programmes are often just 28 days long (or 4 weeks), with the final week serving as a tapering-off phase. At this point, the user would start reducing their daily dosage bit by bit, until completely stopping them altogether.

To prevent side effects and withdrawal, those with chronic conditions who require ongoing treatment and buy sleeping tablets, medication for anxiety, or painkiller pills are advised to switch medications every 28 days. The ideal method for entirely avoiding withdrawal would be to use two drugs and alternate between them. Since Z-drugs and benzodiazepines have distinct chemical compositions but comparable effects, many people switch between them.

Where to Buy Sleeping Pills in Germany?

At we send over the counter sleeping pills to any address in Germany in less than a week. Online pharmacies have the ability to do this by sending medications through the post in discrete packaging. The medications available through our website is not just limited to treating insomnia, as we also stock painkiller pills, anxiety medication and Nootropics also known as smart drugs.

Over the past 10 years, internet pharmacies have become more and more popular with people as they have proven to be a reliable source of affordable medications, including insomnia medications and medication for anxiety. When people buy sleeping pills over the internet, they are most likely getting generic medications, which are much cheaper but do not compromise on their effectiveness and quality.

By shopping online people can avoid the high street crowds and the busy waiting rooms in the doctors office. Instead, they can use a computer or phone to access a dedicated website with 24-hour customer support that can help at any stage. Once they have made their order, there is no need to travel to pick it up, as it will be posted promptly to their doorsteps.

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Buy Prescription Free Sleeping Pills Online in Germany

Those from Germany or the EU looking to purchase sleeping pills or nootropics are in right place. We have a wide selection of medications which are approved to treat insomnia and other conditions like anxiety, pain and even depression. Just browse through our extensive catalogue of products to see what we have to offer. Once the medications and quantities you need are selected, just add them to your cart.

When proceeding to check out there will be different payment options available including; MasterCard, Visa and Bitcoin. When using a card, statements will not show our business name or the products you have purchased from us. When payments are cleared, we will pack the medications into packaging which is unlabelled, so no one will know what is inside.

Deliveries are usually received in 4 - 7 business days in Germany and 5 - 7 for the rest of the EU. For further enquiries about what we do and how we operate, our customer services team is available through live chat 24/7 to answer questions.

For the best sleeping tablets, nootropics, pain medications and anxiety drugs visit our website at

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