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In Germany, approximately 6% of the population is living with some form of neuropathy. With incidences of diabetes increasing and the relationship between diabetes and neuralgia becoming more apparent, this number is sure to surge in the coming years. Neuropathic pain does not respond as well to standard painkillers, fortunately medications are available for the treatment of severe pain including neuropathic pain.

The growth in online pharmacies such as this one over the last ten years has reduced the cost of treatment to smart shoppers. The reason for this is that online pharmacies primarily stock generic versions of tablets, and generic medications become available when copyright protection has ended. This allows manufacturers to produce them without the need to pay for licensing.

Another bonus that comes from using an online pharmacy to buy gabapentin is the fact that patients looking at how to buy gabapentin do not require a prescription when they buy with us. Skipping the waiting room at the office of the local doctor and avoiding collecting medications from high-street pharmacies leaves our customers time to do more important things. We send all our orders quickly and privately using national courier services.

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Who Uses Gabapentin?

what is gabapentin and how well does gabapentin work? Since being approved for use in 1993 after several phases of clinical trials, this medicine has been indicated for use as an anti-seizure medication. This means that for people with various seizure disorders, it will reduce the frequency and severity of convulsions. For use as a treatment for seizures, patients should first discuss their condition with a doctor, if it is a currently prescribed medication, ordering online is a great way to save money.

In the years after being approved for use, it also showed high efficacy in treating neuropathic pain and neuralgia in patients. It underwent more clinical trials and was approved for use with people dealing with nerve pain and related conditions. It is now one of the most commonly prescribed medications for such conditions.

As of 2020, gabapentin has become the 10th most frequently prescribed medication in the USA. The people who use it for diabetes-related neuralgia often report that no other medication has had the same level of impact on reducing the sensation of pain around nerve sites. It is also known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and is under review for people with treatment-resistant anxiety disorders.

The Way Gabapentin Work?

To answer the question of what is gabapentin we have to explain how it works. The mechanism of action of gabapentin is quite complex although the effects speak for themselves, the main effects work as follows. In addition to not blocking GABA uptake or metabolism, it has no direct GABAergic activity. In neuropathic pain models of mechanical hyperalgesia and mechanical/thermal allodynia, it suppresses the tonic phase of nociception brought on by formalin and carrageenan.

Why does gabapentin work so well compared to other treatments? In contrast to other anticonvulsants, this medicine preferentially binds to neurons in the outer layer of the cerebral cortex at different locations. Given that the maximum anticonvulsant action is felt two hours after ingestion, it is likely that this medication operates at an intracellular location.

Other potential central nervous system (CNS) biochemical processes that could account for its anti-epileptic effects include increased extracellular GABA concentrations in some brain regions. It is thought that this is brought on by an increase in glutamic acid decarboxylase activity and a decreased breakdown by GABA decarboxylases. The reason for its analgesic effects is not well understood.

Gabapentin Usage Instructions

Before starting use, patients should be aware of how to use it for the best effect and specifically for the condition they are treating. The medicine should be taken either just before or after food and washed down with a full glass of water in order to fully absorb the medication. Maintain proper hydration throughout the usage of this medication for best results.

It is best to start on a gabapentin dosage of 300 mg twice a day, if this dosage does not have the desired analgesic effect, then wait until the next scheduled time for consumption and increase each gabapentin dosage by 25 to 50%. It is not recommended to exceed 1800 mg per day split across 3 individual dosages of 600 mg.

To reduce the gabapentin dosage that is being used each day it is best practice to create a treatment plan that factors in lifestyle changes that decrease pain. Breathing techniques have been shown to have an impact on the severity of pain that is felt, read more about it, here. It can also be beneficial to make some changes to diet like lowering the consumption of red meat and increasing leafy green vegetable intake.

The Gabapentin Side Effects?

Before making the choice to buy, customers should take the time to learn about any potential gabapentin side effects. Following the guidelines on how to use this medicine that has been created by the manufacturer can reduce the chances of experiencing side effects. Take a look at potential side effects by looking at the list below:

  • Nystagmus
  • Sleepiness
  • Weight gain
  • Dizziness

For a more detailed account of gabapentin side effects and possible contraindications, we recommend checking out the Patient Information Leaflet that can be found on this website. If there is a suspected allergic reaction, it is important to stop taking the treatment and immediately seek medical advice. If side effects last more than 24 hours, speak to a doctor.

Gabapentin should not be used in combination with alcohol as this may affect the way the medication works and lead to complications. If the patient has a history of alcoholism, a medical professional may advise a lower dosage or factor in gabapentin to a treatment plan that takes account of alcohol consumption. Patients should also steer clear from mixing this medication with illicit drugs to avoid gabapentin side effects.

Is Gabapentin Safe?

what is gabapentin from the market perspective? It is the tenth most prescribed medication in the US that has been used for a long time and has been proven to be safe for use by most of the general population. Certain user groups should be cautious when using, people with a history of depression and suicidal ideation are advised to speak with their GP as there are reported incidences of suicidal thoughts related to this medication.

The treatment for sale through our online pharmacy has been tested and approved for human consumption by the FDA as part of their generic drugs programme. This ensures that the production facilities meet manufacturing standards and also that the dosage is accurate to that which is on the label. The FDA can do spot checks on facilities at any stage to make sure standards do not drop.

Gabapentin Online Reviews

For people who are new to shopping for medications on the internet and are looking to buy the medicine online for the first time, there can be a few questions. The best place to find answers is to go to the FAQ page and see if the answers are there. An alternative option is to search for independent review websites that evaluate online pharmacies such as this one.

We believe that user-generated reviews can help patients to understand their condition better and also get ideas for their treatment plans. With this in mind, we added a review section to the webpage of each of the medications we stock, check the reviews out before deciding to buy gabapentin. There is a host of information that may help new patients to know what to expect from using this medication down to the basic questions of what is gabapentin and does gabapentin work.

Reviews do not always cover the questions customers have, and in this case, the best thing to do is to contact our 24-hour customer service team. They can be reached via email, live chat, or telephone, all this information can be found on the contact page of the website. Please leave a review if the service we provided was helpful in finding the right treatment at the best prices.

Treat Severe Pain with Gabapentin

People who buy gabapentin to treat a long-term neuropathic pain condition should not expect an immediate cessation of pain. It may take up to 6 weeks for the full benefits of the medicine to be felt and therefore it is important not to build up the dosage too much in that time. This should be factored into a treatment plan in order to have set times to review use.

A treatment plan should also have a diary to record dates, times and dosage can be recorded, this is particularly helpful for any medical professional to analyse the efficacy of the dosage that is currently being used. This will also act as a guide should there be any complications that require treatment during the course of using this medicine.

Engaging in low-level exercises that are targeted at the underlying area of concern can also help to reduce the sensation of pain. For patients that struggle with movement, seated exercises may be helpful and will lead to increased circulation which can have many secondary benefits. Doing so will also lead to less reliance on medication for pain relief and lead to better outcomes when using medicine.

Where to Buy Gabapentin in Germany?

If you are contemplating where to buy gabapentin, it is available prescription-free here at and have their order sent directly to their chosen address. All parcels are sent in plain brown packaging in order to protect the privacy of our patients and maintain their sensitive information regarding medical conditions. The ability to avoid busy queues scores very highly with our customers in terms of reasons to shop online.

However, by far the most important factor in people turning to online pharmacies to buy gabapentin, and a major reason for their increasing presence is price. When using a traditional pharmacy there is usually a limit to the number of pills that can be bought on prescription. We believe that customers that were researching where to buy gabapentin and ended up on our platform should be able to take control of their condition and save money by doing so, therefore we have no limits to order quantities.

When customers order in bulk, we make sure they not only benefit from reduced shipping costs but also offer bulk purchase discounts. Alongside the ability to buy the treatment, our customers can also purchase a massive range of other prescription-free medications. Take a look at the variety of painkillers, anxiety medications, and sleep tablets we sell before placing an order

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Buy Prescription Free Gabapentin Online in Germany

how to buy gabapentin on our platform? The process is very easy. Before placing an order, take a browse through the other medications we stock to see if any of them are needed in your medical supplies. Once ready to make a purchase, go to the dropdown menu and select the medicine in the quantity you require, and add them to the shopping basket. Once happy with your choices, you can push them through to the checkout.

At the checkout, you will need to carefully add your delivery address, double check this before completing the order to save any delays in delivery. The next step is to choose a payment option from either MasterCard, Visa, or Bitcoin (BTC). All payments are 128-bit SSL encrypted to protect from internet fraud and no descriptor will show up on billing information that relates to the medicines purchased.

Once the payment has been received, we will send you an email confirming the order. Within this email, will be the name that the transaction will show as on your card statement and when to expect delivery. The standard delivery times are 4-7 days for major German cities and possibly a little longer for rural addresses. The rest of Europe can expect to wait 5-7 days for delivery.

Stop living with neuropathic pain. If you are thinking about where to buy gabapentin - buy from and make life a little easier.

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